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Bachalau pataniscas (cod turtles)

Bachalau pataniscas (cod turtles)

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1. Boil the code. we clean it of bones and skin and it dissolves finely (it is ragged). We keep the water from letting go.

2. Finely chop the onion and simmer over medium heat with olive oil. Add the crushed garlic. Add the cod and coriander.

3. Mix eggs with flour, yeast and mix until you get a fine cream, without flour granules. If necessary, add more water from the fish. Mix with the fish composition and season with salt and pepper.

4. Heat oil in the pan and with the help of a tablespoon of soup make flatbreads that are fried in oil. Remove on absorbent paper towel. Serve with garlic sauce as desired. We ate with dried bean salad with vegetables.

Duck egg recipes

16. Cookies in the shape of Easter eggs 17. Cake with 1. Trout in almond sauce 2. Duck with dried apricots 3. Rabbit with veal in French dough 5. Duck with chocolate sauce 6. Steak. Also, duck egg should be avoided in the daily diet because it can be immediately contaminated with Salmonella. Duck egg comparable to chicken egg * Duck egg yolk is more orange than chicken egg sausages found in the supermarket. * Duck egg has twice the nutritional value and is kept fresh.

Rat eggs - Recipe-Tasty

  1. First of all, thank you for the recipes, you are the first stop when I want to cook, bake something and everything I've done so far has been delicious (I make corn bread weekly, I had the orange duck at the holiday table, sweets I'm not saying anymore)
  2. Duck meat dishes: delicious recipes. Duck meat has a special flavor if it is prepared according to rules known only to those who are passionate about the culinary art. How long it should stay in the oven or the duration of cooking, the spices and sauces that enhance its flavor and keep the meat tender are secrets you learn from.
  3. The duck with oranges is my father's favorite food. This is how our mother has been accustomed to us since childhood. At Christmas we eat duck or goose. And every time it is eaten as soon as I take it out of the oven and I still don't get a chance to take a picture of it.
  4. rabbit Duck meat recipes Duck on cabbage in a bowl macaroni with besamel sauce Avgolemono soups & soups with turmeric and duck egg 3. Egg nests 4. Green omelette with chicken 4. Bean soup with smoked sausages Recipe on Drob with cheese.
  5. Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both nationally and internationally
  6. iu or with a lid and check after 1 hour and a half. We check if the meat is tender, if so, we can take the aluminum foil
  7. iu. Put this tray in the oven and let the ingredients bake for 80-90 minutes

Duck egg - benefits, calories and nutritional composition

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  • Categories: Appetizer recipes, Chicken recipes, Duck and goose meat recipe, Cheap recipes, Simple recipes, Romanian recipes Drob very fast after a recipe that my mother made before I was born :) It is very good with fresh salad
  • to cook, give yourself a few
  • I've been flirting for a long time with the idea to do the duckwith baked cabbage but because of the convenience I still avoid getting into a more sophisticated and complex recipe. However, the appetite being great, I thought of a variant of mine, more for the lazy, starting of to the idea that the duck must be on cabbage!
  • Lung fire can be helpful in patients with hypertension, insomnia and digestive problems. What are the disadvantages of the duck egg? - It contains pathogenic microbes, therefore it will be consumed only boiled. - Contains a lot of cholesterol
  • Duck meat is considered white meat, even if it is darker in color than chicken or turkey. However, a duck steak is healthy because of the fat it contains. Of all fats, only 35% are saturated, 50% are monounsaturated, and the rest are polyunsaturated (including omega 3 and omega 6). Thus, duck fat is similar.

Duck Breast - Urban Flavors SIMPLE CULINARY RECIPES

Duck with Onions 18 recipes: Duck breast with truffle sauce, Duck with baked sauerkraut, Duck in the oven, Duck breast with mashed potatoes, Duck on cabbage .. Eggs stuffed in mayonnaise. see recipe. Benedict eggs with potatoes. see recipe. Potato omelette. Collection recipes. The latest recipes. Pickles. more . Fish paste. take them out of the water in which they boiled and put them in a bowl with cold water or ice cubes. Duck stew (duck stew), a Romanian dish with duck meat raised in the household, a tasty, healthy and very good dish that goes very well with a steaming polenta, a good red wine and all the loved ones. If you want duck recipes or duck dishes then try this easy recipe Duck Eggs with Pork Breast and Baked Vegetables Although in our country they are seen as heavy, duck eggs are considered delicacies in other cuisines and appreciated as such. Hundreds of texts are circulating on the Internet for or against duck eggs, which are more and more documented and written with the contribution of all kinds of specialists. salads (or a small onion, preferably red) 1 clove of garlic 250 ml. of dry red wine (I used Menestrel wine from Rottenberg Wineries) 500 ml. of beef soup 1 teaspoon of honey 1 piece of star anise 2 cloves

So first of all, for this wonderful and sophisticated recipe you need: 1 piece of whole duck, 1 orange and a little pepper with salt. I wrote this quickly so as not to be scared by the pompous title, the combination really blocked me and I said that this duck with oranges is too complicated and fitze. 1945 edition. Baked duck recipe with sauerkraut garnish. How to cook a whole cabbage in the oven. In my family, the duck is highly valued

- Frying pan with a diameter of 25-28 cm - A small pot (diameter 15-20 cm) - Wooden / silicone spatula - Optional: a tray with grill. Preparation for Duck breast with oranges, classic French recipe Cook duck legs in tuci 1,808 recipes, 37,231 reviews and 53,982 votes Categories: Meat recipes, Duck and goose recipes, Easter recipes, Baked recipes

Cooking recipe Baked duck from the categories Steaks, Meat dishes, Christmas recipes. How to make Duck in the oven Duck breast goes very well with sweet sauces, such as berry sauce, cranberries (I suggest THIS recipe, which I cooked for the turkey in the oven), plums, chutneys. In terms of garnish: low red cabbage - find the recipe HERE, sweet mashed potatoes (the recipe comes these days), asparagus. These are just suggestions, as if you like duck breast with.

For today I thought I would write another recipe with duck meat. Previously, I wrote other recipes, especially from the wide category of steaks - duck legs with french fries and seasonal salads or duck leg with vegetables, on the tray or duck legs with baked potatoes or duck with oranges or duck breast with beaten nettles Salad with smoked duck fillets and eggs from: smoked duck fillets, eggs, crispy salads (lettuce, red chicory, etc.) or fetish (lamb salad), white vinegar, wine vinegar, sunflower oil , walnut oil, salt, pepper .. Ingredients: 125 g smoked duck fillets, sliced ​​4 fresh eggs 2 crispy salads (lettuce, red chicory, etc.) or 300 g fetish (lamb salad Duck meat is a delicacy which is not appreciated in our country at its true value.Many people avoid it because it looks fatter and is not really affordable.In reality, duck meat is more dietary than chicken (if its skin is removed) and it can be prepared in such spectacular recipes that it can be said that it is worth all the money to learn you know. Put finely chopped onion, season, add another 1/2 glass of water and let it boil, until you notice that the meat begins to come off the bones. It is served with polenta. What recipes do we cook with duck meat? A quick, tasty and easy to prepare food is the following recipe with duck breast, namely duck breast with frozen vegetables and rice. How to make this food and how to cook a Duck breast correctly follow my recipe, the ingredients are for 2-3 servings

Dish Recipes - Chefs

  • Over time, I made a lot of variants of stuffed eggs, the ones with tuna paste being among the most appreciated. In addition, it is a fairly cheap recipe, which makes it even more accessible. I used tuna pieces, in vegetable oil, from my Sun Food friends
  • Rat tinsel. Rat Ostropel Recipe. Ingredients: 1/2 duck, 2-3 onions, a tablespoon of fat (poultry), 4-5 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of tomato broth, 8-10 peppercorns, salt, 2 bay leaves, 2-3 tablespoons wine Preparation: Take the duck pieces prepared for eating and brown in a pan, with chopped onion, in fat.
  • ute, to be strong. * Duck eggs are eaten only hard boiled. * If we take eggs directly from the refrigerator, we will let them boil for more than 30 seconds
  • I know that in my grandmother's house it was indispensable
  • You can add to the egg paste and other dishes that you like, natural cream cheese, mascarpone, green onions, leurda, green or dried garlic, etc. Egg paste can be made only from yolks, and then we fill the egg whites with the obtained paste. You will have some absolutely brilliant stuffed eggs, a new network to try
  • mail of Postolache Violeta on November 09, 2015 in recipeswith meat ofthe duckrecipesof soup soup with noodle soup ofthe duck | Comments: 0 Well if so far soup of chicken with galuste was in the top of preferences and she was dethroned of this date of soup ofthe duckwith noodles of home
  • cook until lightly browned. 4. Cabbage with duck meat is served with polenta, sour cream and hot peppers

Full baked duck with orange steak recipe

Today we have duck, meaning one of the best and tastiest poultry. On this occasion, you will see that we do not have to go to a fitness restaurant to enjoy a delicious duck steak, which melts in your mouth, but we can make it ourselves at home. It's very simple, we just have to be a little patient, because after we put the duck in the oven we have to let it go. Duck stew recipes: how to cook duck stew and the tastiest recipes for duck stew with potatoes, duck breast stew, duck ragout, duck chicken, duck breast with mushrooms, caramelized duck on red cabbage bed, baked duck, crock pot duck, wild cabbage duck, orange and honey duck

A recipe from Tara Bucatelor by Alice Ciobanu. The challenge of Sun Food sandwiches is coming to an end, my dears. I didn't want to miss the moment and not bring in front of your eyes a sandwich with duck egg omelette and chickpeas, a sandwich that we make whenever we receive a few duck eggs from the country. Obviously if you don't have duck eggs, nothing will stop you from making duck egg omelette with duck pomegranate sauce from: duck breast, onion, turmeric, nuts, pomegranate juice, sugar, lemon, soy sauce, oil, salt, pepper, cumin .. Ingredients: 400 g duck breast 2 julienned onions 2 teaspoons turmeric 400 g chopped walnuts 200 ml pomegranate juice 2 teaspoons brown sugar Duck legs with green lentils, classic recipe, step by step. Another classic recipe in international cuisine is candied duck legs on a bed of lentils. Our recommendation is to make the recipe from scratch, but during the week, to save time, you can use directly candied duck legs and canned lentils.

Put a spoonful of the composition in the muffin tins, add a quail egg and complete with a spoonful of the composition. Put the muffins in the preheated oven and when they are almost ready, after about 25 minutes, take them out and grease them on top with an egg yolk broken in 2 tablespoons milk, put a little grated cheese and leave in the oven for about 5 minutes At the end, add the berries and let it boil for another 5 minutes. Asparagus is boiled for 2 minutes in salted water. Before serving, put the breast in the oven for another 5 minutes, at 180 ° C. Serve the duck breast, berry sauce and asparagus together

Chinese food: duck steak with honey. duck recipes Duck steak is tasty if you prepare it with a sweet sauce. One possibility is to make a duck steak with honey, to accentuate its aroma. Ingredients for duck steak with honey 1 duck 3 cloves garlic, crushed 3 green onions, finely chopped 3 tbsp [... It is a recipe for all those who want to make something quick, tasty and special. Baked duck legs with sauerkraut. This premieres in my kitchen! This is the first time I cook and eat duck meat. I'm very afraid, in fact I'm not afraid at all, that it won't be for the last time

Cold duck food with olives. Recipe Cold duck food with olives. Ingredients: a duck, 4 onions, 4-5 tablespoons oil, a tablespoon of tomato broth, salt, 20 peppercorns, 150 g olives Preparation: Like any food served cold, it is prepared with oil. Brown the pieces of meat. Garnish, brown onions cut into thin slices. Country eggs come from ground-raised egg hens, fed flax seeds, alfalfa grains, wheat, corn, soybeans. Search the site. Recent Posts Country Bible Recipes Country Turkey Recipes Country Chicken Recipes Country Duck Recipes Useful Tips. Useful. Privacy Policy Cookies Policy A.N.P.C.

Duck soup - Recipes-Tasty

And because during this period you have more time to spend with your family, we have prepared for you some recipes for eggs that are easy to prepare and that will delight you with their taste. Try them for breakfast or as a snack during the day. Place the duck on a plate, after it has been sliced, restoring its original shape, decorate with orange slices and serve with a separate sauce, put in a sosiera. If you liked our recipe Duck with Orange Sauce Recipe, don't forget to review Egg Recipes. Duck Eggs with Pork Breast and Baked Vegetables. Although in our country they are seen as heavy, duck eggs are considered delicacies in other cuisines and appreciated as such. Hundreds of texts for or against duck eggs are circulating on the Internet, which are more and more documented and written with the same kind of contribution. Recipes with quail eggs. With the help of these recipes with quail eggs you will learn to cook appetizers or delicious dishes with this ingredient in the shortest time. Find out what delicious dishes you can make with these quail egg recipes

Recipes with chicken eggs. Consult these recipes with chicken eggs and prepare the tastiest and healthiest cranberries with this ingredient. If you need inspiration in the kitchen, see these recipes with chicken eggs and you will surely find what to cook. The duck stuffed with apples and herbs in the oven is a festive recipe. More often we eat duck legs or duck breast, but whole duck in the oven less often, usually on New Year's Eve or at special meals with loved ones. We pampered ourselves with this duck in the oven at the Easter table Ingredients: For the counter: 10 eggs, 200 grams, caster sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 5 tablespoons of fine white breadcrumbs, 5 tablespoons of flour, 5 tablespoons of cocoa , 5 tablespoons honey, 1 sachet Eggs painted with onion peels, old recipe and much healthier. That's how my grandmother used to paint eggs for the Easter holidays. I took an example from her and started collecting yellow onion peels and red onions a month before Easter. It is a painting technique that I like very much, without chemicals and easy to make. Peel the carrot and onion, wash them well. Put a pan on the fire with a cup of water and 3 tablespoons of oil. Add the duck slices, whole carrot and onion. Sprinkle a little salt (do not add much because the olives are already salted). Put the lid on and let the heat simmer

Retete rat - tastes

Radu's kitchen - Culinary blog with traditional and international recipes, recipes in pictures and video. / Archives for rat eggs. rat eggs. Spicy chorizo ​​with lettuce, croutons and fried duck egg. Mushrooms with wine sauce (Riesling), asparagus and duck egg. Shrimp with white wine sauce Duck breast steak with raspberry sauce by Sara & Miki in Main course, Steaks, Festive menus, Duck-Goose, Bird recipes March 29, 2012 May 3, 2016 13 ♥ 1 Like Like I thought which would be the ideal dish as the main course at a festive meal and without hesitation I chose the duck We will make the duck breast on a bed of vegetables this time. And in order to cook faster and make the duck breast tastier, we will make a special marinade. Ingredients for duck marinated with vegetables. 1-2 duck breasts (200 -300 g) 100 ml oil (for mixing vegetables) 7-8 medium-sized potatoes. 1-2 larger carrots. 2 lamai.

What caloric intake can you get from eggs for breakfast 20.03.2019. There are many healthy, unique and low-calorie options for breakfast, but most people prefer to eat eggs. The classic omelette is definitely found on many tables. more Secrets Learn how to make egg clouds - ready in 5 minutes 16.01.201 Christmas recipes # meatball # recipe Recipe. Duck meatball with ginger Recipe. Duck meatball with ginger Piftia or cold, as it is also called, can not be missing from the Christmas table. Especially the pork, because the Romanian sacrifices these animals to prepare all kinds of dishes Ingredients 1 duck 1.2 kg grapes 100 g butter 300 g meat soup 150 ml cherry liqueur 50 ml brandy 1 tablespoon flour Preparation The duck cut into pieces is fried in butter until it browns, then it is removed and the flour is cooked in the remaining butter, quenching after 5 minutes with 1 l of hot water. Pour everything over the meat and cook well. At the end, add the grapes, the liqueur. Nutritional composition for duck egg: 100 grams. Calories: 185: Protein: 12.8: Lipids: 13.8: Carbohydrates: 1. - Your portal for cool recipes - Duck recipes, recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice

Puffs, Puddings, Egg and Cheese preparations. Cakes. Fruit cakes Other Cakes. Cakes. Chocolate cakes Fruit cakes Walnut cakes Other Cakes. Cookies, Pies, Tarts. Desserts. Duck and Goose Meat Recipes: Dinner Menu - Crispy goose breast on the outside, but fragile on the inside, is really a. This baked duck recipe goes for minutes with a fine mash of sweet potatoes and garlic peas. It's a combination that I recommend you try, if you haven't done it yet. It's a combination that I recommend you try, if you haven't done it yet

Quail egg pie . It's easy to make and quick on top, just the cafe with recipes, movies and books. Fill the duck, sew it, put it in a pan with oil together with diced bacon. When the bacon starts to brown, add the sauce: flour, a little oil quenched with meat soup and white wine. Put in the oven. Chestnuts, boiled and peeled, add over the duck in the oven and leave for 30 minutes Ingredients: - 2 pieces duck breast - salt and pepper to taste - 3-4 carrots suitable size (300 g ready cleaned) - 1 tbsp bee honey - 1 tablespoon white or brown sugar - 2 oranges - 60 g butter Preparation: Peeled and washed carrots

Romanian culinary recipes, culinary site with traditional Romanian homemade food, home cooking ideas, gastronomy, cuisine, dishes, dishes, meat, vegetables, appetizers, salads, side dishes, sauces, Posts tagged Duck Soup Cubes bacon, corn kernels, diced bell peppers, radishes, sliced ​​green onions. For the school package, you can put the egg salad between two slices of toast, in a croissant, tortilla or in a bun that you cut in half and hollow the middle. Egg salad with yogurt keeps very well for 2-3 days. Egg recipes Garnishes Preparation time: 70 - minutes (Votes: 120) Duck steak with cranberry sauce Specific: 0 Preparation time: 150 - minutes (Votes: 12) Stewed rate Specific: French Preparation time: 90-100 - minutes (Votes: 6) specific cuisine: home add o. The legs and the duck breast are the parts of the bird that can be prepared in many ways. We approached recipes from the inherited ones, but we also prepared new recipes, with many ideas of our own, using different garnishes. We prepare: duck legs with vegetables on the tray, duck legs with baked potatoes, duck legs with french fries and salad season, duck legs with new baked potatoes Duck confit, red cabbage, Duchesse potatoes or how to cook French. Confit (meat) is a term that refers to pieces of meat, especially duck and goose, but also pork, chicken, rabbit, etc. slowly cooked in its own fat, with salt and other flavors. This recipe combines three classic dishes of French cuisine, finally offering a main course, traditionally served at meals.

Bake rate - steak recipe - Recipes with

Success recipe: Festive appetizer with quail eggs. I say this because you can present such an aperitif without emotion at any festive meal because it looks good and the children will enjoy it too. In addition, it is very simple to make, you do not need any innate talent in the art of decoration, so all the chances to come out. with sweet and hot paprika, thyme and rosemary, baked in the oven and sprinkled with beer

Duck legs with orange sauce and a delicious contest. On the facebook page and on instagram I already introduced you to the wonderful St.Dalfour jams, but I haven't told you about them on the blog yet. They are produced by St. Dalfour, a French company founded in 1984, has an absolutely wonderful consistency and does not contain sugar. which you can get appetizers, soups and main courses. Duck meat is consistent and fits best in sweet foods Place the duck on a mesh tray, in a deeper oven tray and rub the meat with salt. 4. Put the duck in the oven for 1 hour and ½ or until you get a brown and well done meat. 5. Meanwhile, put the blueberries, soy sauce, red wine, pepper, sugar, vinegar and water in a small pot and let them boil. I was a big fan of starch or scrambled eggs, my brother loves the omelet, and ours ate boiled eggs with great pleasure. Nothing seemed more beautiful to me than to go to the nest and get hot and fresh eggs that, in less than 10 minutes, turned into delicious recipes.

Put the remaining fish paste in a bowl and decorate it with slices of cucumber and red pepper. You can make delicious sandwiches directly at the table. A very tasty, good-looking, hearty breakfast, but also a wonderful appetizer or even a dinner for two. Good appetite!! Recipe sent by tina6041 Preparation Appetizer with quail eggs: Boil quail eggs in salted water, being careful not to boil water and break them. Pass the eggs through a stream of cold water, then peel them carefully (tip: start peeling from the base of the egg, where the air bubble is, so you will be able to peel more easily March 3, 2014 March 3, 2014 Cocktail of senses Duck recipes Tags: oven, marinade, duck, sauce Leave a comment Today we prepared the marinated duck in the oven.

Duck with grapes. Ingredients 1 duck 1.2 kg grapes 100 g butter 300 g meat soup 150 ml cherry liqueur 50 ml brandy 1 tablespoon flour Preparation Cut rate This recipe for eggs stuffed with cheese I like more than the version of eggs stuffed with liver because it seems easier to me. Anyway, usually, after Easter, I have enough painted eggs left and I have to convert them because otherwise no one will eat them. Duck breast with caramelized apples (Video recipe) Meat dishes, Christmas recipes 500 g red apples 350-400 g breast duck 50 g sugar 40 g raisins paprika salt A different breakfast recipe, American beans (BBQ style) or Mexican with duck eggs, bacon and bacon. American beans with fried eggs This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged recipes with duck meat, recipes with cabbage, Food recipes, Romanian recipes, Traditional recipes on May 9, 2016 by Postolache Violeta. Post navigation ← Code with mango salad Baked lamb steak with oregano I invite you with all my heart to collect all 12 recipes and enjoy them with all your loved ones! In today's recipe - Mushroom pies and quail eggs - I use the Puff pastry from Morarita and I want to tell you something about it: why I chose it, how I recommend you use it for those.

Saute liver with onions and say

I have found (in the past) a number of very good methods of reconciling the liver with alcohol. One of them is revealed to you in this story. Which story takes us a little to the canton of Bern, from where we return with a garnish that can be eaten without the base next to it, he said in his name.

But, let's take it lightly and from the beginning: The liver, this time chicken and about half a kilogram, is washed and cleaned of the skins, then put in a bowl and left to cook for a quarter of an hour. , with a glass of good brandy and some freshly ground pepper. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it into small pieces. Put the liver and onion in the same pan with a tablespoon of oil. Put the pan on low heat and keep it there for more than a quarter of an hour, to let the onion jam in it, to soften it and make a good sauce around the liver. You can add salt at the end, and, frankly, you can put a cup of warm water over the liver after the onion has softened a bit.

In the meantime (ie while the liver is on fire), peel a healthy potato (let's say it can be two, a half kilogram per measure) and put it on the grater and then mix it with an egg, a tablespoon of flour, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper and a teaspoon of chopped parsley. Make this mixture flattened meatballs that you brown nicely on both sides in a little hot oil. If you have a slice of bread (even a toast) next to this food that you can pull through the onion sauce in the end, you will really like it.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Diet of only 5 days!

Now you have a weight loss program in just 5 days, which will make you look at the end as if you just got off the podium.

If you follow it uncontrollably, the regime guarantees you a loss of 2-4 kg, including the disappearance of the wings, the coils and the extra centimeters on the thighs and waist & # 8211 which you entered with difficulty & # 8230

As you only have five days, it is not advisable to cheat in any of them. The diet is very easy to follow, but it leaves no room for small tricks or shortcuts. So, put your will to the test and do this exercise, if you want to have a fabulous entrance to the New Year's Eve party.

The diet can't be simpler than that: you have a list of foods from which you can choose something for breakfast and lunch, as well as some options and solutions for the evening meal, as well as a list of bans for this week.

No refined sweets, alcohol, salt, biscuits, saltines, popcorn and other nonsense that you eat out of boredom.

It's up to you to feel perfect at the party that marks the end of the year or, on the contrary, to stick to the couch, trying to hide your supplements. Put your will to work for a week and you won't regret it

Breakfast mixes and variations

Make sure you have breakfast every day! Drink a cup or two cups of coffee or tea (black, green, herbal or fruit).

From each list choose one fruit, one protein food and one carbohydrate.
You can mix them as you want, it is important not to eat more than one.

fruits (choose one from the list)

  • 1 large banana
  • 1 apple or a large pear
  • 1 large slice of melon
  • 1 grapefruit, cut into slices
  • 2 kiwi fruits
  • 80 g pineapple, raw or compote, without added sugar
  • a glass (200 ml) with fruit juice (with pulp)
  • 80 g strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plain or mixed (frozen berries are very good).

proteins (only one option from the list)

  • 2 tablespoons plain, semi-skimmed yogurt
  • a cup of skim milk
  • a large boiled egg or jumari (in teflon, no fat)
  • 3 thin slices of bacon, grilled
  • 85 g smoked salmon or tuna, in its own juice
  • 75 g telemea cheese
  • 100 g of cottage cheese
  • 2-3 tablespoons beans or lentils, or chickpeas & # 8211 cooked
  • 40 g of nuts, hazelnuts or pistachios, without salt

CARBOHYDRATE (only one option from the list)

  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread: black, Diet, Graham, with bran, rye, oats, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, etc.
  • 5 tablespoons muesli, no added sugar
  • 4 tablespoons cornflakes, no added sugar, with 1/2 cup yogurt or skim milk
  • 2 oatmeal biscuits or 4 expanded rice biscuits, without added fat or sugar
  • 5 tablespoons whole grain fruit, no added sugar

Lunch mixes and variants

At lunch, drink two large glasses of water.

Just like for breakfast, only this time you can choose two products from the list of fruits and vegetables, one from protein and one from hydrocarbons. Try to combine them as differently as possible.

fruits (choose two from the list)

  • 80 g of any of the following vegetables: eggplant, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, parsley (root), bell pepper, tomatoes, leeks, spinach, peas, avocado, bananas, grapes, kiwi, plums, oranges, mangoes, apples, pears, pineapples etc.

proteins (choose only one option)

  • 100 g of fatty fish: mackerel, salmon, cod, carp
  • 100 g lean, red meat
  • 150 g skinless chicken breast
  • 150 g white fish (salami, trout)
  • 1 egg tied
  • 75 g of Cheddar or Parmesan cheese (dense, high in calcium)
  • 100 g of skimmed cow's cheese

CARBOHYDRATE (choose only one option)

  • 100 g wholemeal pasta, boiled
  • 1 medium-sized potato
  • 4 new potatoes, baked / boiled
  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread: with bran, brown rice, soy, oats, rye, with flax, pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • 125 g of beans: beans, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.
  • 100 g mamaliga
  • 100 g boiled couscous
  • 5 flat rice cakes

Use the ready-to-eat list as a base for the evening meal, then choose & # 8230

  • At least three servings (or enough to fill half a flat plate) with the fruits and vegetables specified in the list above.
  • A protein food, so that it occupies a quarter of the plate.
  • Use a plate with a diameter of 20 cm for the evening meal.
  • Protein foods should be grilled, baked or microwaveed.
  • It is not allowed to fry them in additions of animal or vegetable fat, including oil.
  • Do not put sauces or oil over salads, but only vinegar (apple, balsamic) or lemon and do not grease your slice of bread with butter (possibly a very thin layer of margarine).
  • And don't forget to drink two more glasses of plain water.
  • Walk as much as possible.

Exclude temptations from the daily diet

The sugar is an important temptation if you consume it regularly. After the first two days without sweets, you won't even feel the need for them. This category also includes sweet soft drinks. Don't put sugar (or honey) in coffee and tea & # 8211 eventually, use a synthetic sweetener and don't touch the chocolate!

alcohol are empty calories you don't need now.

The salt excess leads to water retention in the tissues, so it would be best to give it up for a while & # 8211 at least a week! And, anyway, too much salt is not good for the kidneys or the heart & # 8230

Snacks sunt, si ele, interzise, cu exceptia cazului in care e vorba doar de un fruct, iar acesta este luat din portia de fructe permise la pranz sau cina. Biscuitii si chipsurile sunt INTERZISE!

Hidrocarbonatii rafinati sunt, si ei, interzisi. Cand vine vorba de hidrati de carbon, ai voie sa ii alegi doar pe cei cu un indice glicemic scazut, cum sunt pastele si painea integrala sau cei din ovaz, secara etc.

Aceste produse sunt mai satioase decat cele din grau rafinat (albe) si iti mentin constant nivelul glicemiei din sange, eliminand si nevoia de dulciuri. Daca nu-l gasesti pe lista, pur si simplu nu il manca!

5 retete cu peste

Se intampla adesea sa nu mai stii ce sa gatesti ori sa nu-ti fie pofta de nimic. Ce obisnuiai sa gatesti parca nu mai este la fel de bun.
Tocmai de aceea, astazi va propunem 5 retete cu peste, usor de preparat.

1. Peste cu boabe de porumb
1 lingurita seminte de coriandru, patrunjel proaspat, frunze de coriandru, o bucatica de ghimbir curatat si taiat mai mare, 2 linguri ulei vegetal, sare, 2 lime feliate, 2 rosii medii taiate mai mare, cca 200 gr boabe de porumb proaspete, file de peste fara oase
Method of preparation
Incinge grillul foarte bine. Prajeste semintele de coriandru la foc mare, in jur de 3 minute, apoi zdrobeste-le si pune-le in robot sau in tocatorul electric, impreuna cu ghimbirul, uleiul vegetal, frunzele de coriandru, patrunjelul, 1 lingura de apa si 1/2 lingurita de sare. Amesteca rosiile si porumbul cu 2 lingurite din compozitia pregatita anterior si potriveste de sare.
Pune cate un file de peste in mijlocul fiecarei folii de aluminiu. Acopera pestele cu mixul aromat pregatit, apoi adauga din compozitia cu rosii si porumb. Impacheteaza foliile, sigiland capetele, si pune pestele pe grill. Dupa 8-10 minute desfa pachetele, pune pestele in farfurii, aseaza feliile de lime si serveste.

2. Turtite din peste
1 lingurita coaja rasa de lamaie, 1 lingura zeama de lamaie, 1 lingura de apa (sau lichid de la conserva de ton), 2 lingurite mustar Dijon, piper negru, sare, 1 ou crud, 2 linguri ulei de masline, 1/2 lingurita unt, 2 linguri patrunjel proaspat tocat, 2 linguri arpagic tocat, sos Tabasco, cca 100 gr paine alba maruntita, 2 conserve de ton
Method of preparation
Scurge tonul de apa sau uleiul din conserva si pune-l intr-un bol, alaturi de: mustar, coaja si zeama de lamaie, paine, sos, patrunjel si arpagic. Presara piper si sare. Gusta sa vezi daca mai trebuie ceva, dupa care adauga oul.
Imparte compozitia in 4 si modeleaza fiecare parte ca sa obtii chiftelute. Pune-le intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie cerata si da-le la rece. Dupa o ora prajeste-le in putin unt incins. Sunt gata cam dupa 7-8 minute. Chiftelutele de ton se servesc cu sos tartar sau felii de lamaie.

3. Supa mediteraneana de peste
1 ceapa tocata, 1/2 buc. ardei gras verde tocat, 2 catei de usturoi tocati foarte marunt, 1 conserva de rosii, cca 400 ml supa de pui, cca 200 gr sos de rosii, cca 100 gr ciuperci la conserva, cca ml suc de portocale, cca 50 gr masline negre feliate, 2 frunze de dafin, 1 lingurita busuioc uscat, 1/4 lingurita seminte de fenicul zdrobite, piper negru, cca 70 ml vin alb sec, cca 450 gr creveti medii, cca 450 gr file de cod
Method of preparation
Pune toate ingredientele, cu exceptia pestelui si a crevetilor, intr-o oala. Acopera si lasa sa se gateasca la foc mic, pana la 4 ore. Cu 20-30 de minute inainte de final adauga crevetii si pestele. Supa e gata cand crevetii si-au schimbat culoarea si sunt opaci. Indeparteaza dafinul si serveste.

4. Sufleu de ton si rosii (reteta din dieta Dukan)
2 linguri pasta de rosii sau piure, 4 cepe de primavara feliate fin, 4 oua, 3 bucatele de branza ricotta degresata, 1 lingurita ulei de masline, 1 lingurita ulei de rapita (pentru gresat), o conserva de ton
Method of preparation
Separa ouale. Bate spuma albusurile. Mixeaza galbenusurile cu branza, pasta de rosii si ceapa, apoi adauga bucatile de ton. Incorporeaza treptat albusurile. Toarna totul intr-un vas de sticla termorezistenta si baga in cuptorul incins la 150 de grade Celsius, 35-40 de minute.

5. Cod prajit cu ierburi
cca 350 gr firimituri de paine, patrunjel tocat + alte ierburi aromatice, 2-3 catei de usturoi, coaja rasa de la o lamaie, sare, ulei de masline, cca 900 gr file de cod
Method of preparation
Incinge cuptorul la 200 de grade Celsius. Pune painea intr-o tava putin adanca. Amesteca usturoiul cu sarea, coaja de lamaie si patrunjelul. Pune mixul peste firimituri. Greseaza fiecare bucata de peste cu ulei de masline, cufund-o in mixul cu firimituri, apoi pune-o intr-o tava de copt. Dupa 12-15 minute este gata.

In general muscaturile tantarilor sunt inofensive, insa in anumite zone ale globului si in cazul anumitor specii de tantari, muscatura poate fi o sursa de infestare cu boli grave. Malaria, febra galbena, febra West Nile si encefalita sunt doar cateva dintre exemplele de afectiuni transmise de tantari. Cea mai recenta epidemie cu aceasta sursa de infectare a fost virusul Zika. Dacă vedeți că mușcătura devine roșie și foarte inflamată, apar febra, senzație de greață sau dureri de cap, mergeți de urgență la medic.

Capusele sunt purtatoare ale unui numar impresionant de boli, pe care le pot transmite atat la oameni cat si la animale. Printre cele mai mediatizate si temute este boala Lyme. Daca observati o capusa pe piele, mergeti de urgenta la medic pentru extragerea corecta a acesteia si pentru teste suplimentare.

Retete cu hrisca inmuiata

Hrisca este foarte populara in Rusia si tot spatiul post-sovietic - are un gust si aroma foarte placuta, contine cea mai buna combinatie de proteine, fibre si microelemente - cum s-a exprimat un dietolog Gasiti in ea tot tabelul lui Mendeleev:) Eu de mica sunt obisnuita cu hrisca ca mancare de baza, asa cum se prepara aici orezul si cartofii, asa facea mama si bunica hrisca Tocanita de hrisca constituie o foarte buna alternativa pentru retetele cu orez sau cartofi, intrucat ofera mai multe elemente nutritive decat acestea, in conditiile unui aport caloric mai mic. Gateste hrisca si ai sa vezi ca o sa te si ajute sa iti pastrezi silueta, fara a renunta la gustul bun Va mai las cateva retete cu hrisca clatite cu hrisca si sirop de artar, ardei umplut cu hrisca, batoane din hrisca fara drojdie. Sanatate, ca-i mai buna decat toate! Daca si tie iti place sa mananci bine si sa ai control asupra ingredientelor, insa nu vrei sa petrecei mult timp in bucatarie, atunci Thermomi x este ceea ce ai nevoie Hrisca 26 rețete: Galette cu hrisca si raclette, Salata de sfecla rosie si hrisca, Turte din faina de hrisca, Piure de hrisca cu legume uscate si mirodenii (raw vegan), Ciuperci umplute cu dovlecel si boabe de hrisca, Hrisca, Salata cu hrisca si susan. . Insa asa simpla, doar ea, nu mi-a placut prea mult. M-am gandit insa ca o reteta de pilaf de hrisca ar trebui sa aiba un gust mai bun, sa nu mai fie asa de pregnant aroma aceea specifica pe care o are. Si nu m-am inselat

Cum fierbem corect Hrisca - LaLena

  1. eata, la pranz si seara, in ce cantitati doresti. Vei vedea ca nu vei putea consuma cantitati prea mari, intrucat senzatia de satietate se va instala rapid. Zilnic, trebuie sa consumi 1 litru de kefir, fie la aceeasi masa cu hrisca, fie separat, ca gustare
  2. Tania Bordianu ne-a oferit cateva retete excelente pe baza de hrisca. Va invitam sa le incercati. Deserve! Salata de hrisca. Pentru preparare aveti nevoie de 200g de hrisca maro, 150g de pastai verzi de fasole, 1 ardei gras galben, 1 ceapa mica, 1 legatura de patrunjel, 1 lingura de ulei de masline si sare de mare cu ierburi aromatice
  3. te ger

Reteta Tocanita de hrisca - Alege sa fii sanatos

Hrisca aduce beneficii reale pentru sanatate. recipes with buckwheat si moduri de gatire. Hrisca este o alternativa pentru cartofi si orez. Proprietati nutritive si beneficii aduse de buckwheat. Hrisca nu are gluten si poate fi consumata de persoanele care sufera de boala celiaca. Hrisca este recomandata si in curele de slabire pentru ca tine de foame si scade glicemia si colesterolul Ce retete de salate mai facem. O salata naturista raw vegan sanatoasa pentru diete si cure de slabire este salata de hrisca cu legume, o salata foarte gustoasa si consistenta plina de vitamine, minerale si proteine, ingredientele sunt pentru 2-3 portii de sanatate Asta e experienta mea cu hrisca. Prima cea intensa la gust mi-a placut mult mai mult, a doua serie cumparata parca ar fi fost intai inmuiata si extrase principiile active si dp iar uscata si pusa in vanzare, era o diferenta de timpi in gatirea ei ca la orezul hidratat, ins anu speciifca in indicatiile de gatire

Hrisca este un aliment foarte popular in tarile precum Rusia, Ucraina, Franta si Polonia. Este bogata in multe vitamine, proteine, carbohidrati, fibre, noi insa o iubim si o consumam, in mare parte, pentru cantitatea mare de fier din ea. Hrisca o puteti consuma dupa bunul plac, asa simpla, sau in diferite combinatii, cu carne, ciuperci, cu fructe si multe, multe altele hrisca retete : rezultatele cautarii dupa retete hrisca. retete hrisca Spalati bine hrisca in 2-3 ape, indepartati impuritatile ce se ridica la suprafata apei si lasati la scurs. Puneti la fiert apa cu sare. Adaugati hrisca cand apa clocoteste, amestecati si asteptati pana ce incepe sa fiarba din nou. Reduceti focul la minim, acoperiti vasul si lasati sa fiarba incet 15- 20 min, timp in care nu amestecati deloc O mancare foarte gustoasa, sanatoasa si satioasa - am mai scris despre hrisca si am postat Cum se fierbe corect hrisca. Acum incep cu aceasta reteta de mancare cu hrisca, ca tot suntem in post, si este foarte important sa ne alimentam corect si sanatos Ingrediente: 1/2 cana hrisca 2 cani lapte coaja rasa de la o portocala 1-2 linguri miere 1 lingurita scortisoara 1 baton scortisoara optional anason Mod de preparare: Spalam hrisca in cateva ape si o lasam peste noapte la inmuiat in apa. Punem laptele la fiert impreuna cu mierea,coaja de portocala,scortisoara si anason,cand a inceput sa firba,adaugam hrisca si o lasam sa de-a un clocot

Hrisca cu legume - Arome de povest

Se poate consuma gatita (fiarta sau coapta) sau sub forma de faina de hrisca in diverse aluaturi, dar si in varianta raw, doar inmuiata in apa pentru cateva ore. Mancarurile obtinute din hrisca sunt sanatoase si satioase. Retete cu hrisca. Hrisca este un aliment traditional in Rusia, Ucraina, Polonia si in Franta, dar si in zona nordica a Romaniei Punem hrisca la hidratat, în apă, peste noapte. O scurgem de apă și o punem într-un castron. Eu am folosit legume congelate, pe care le-am lăsat 5 minute în apă fierbinte, după care le-am scurs și le-am adăugat peste hrișcă. Am condimentat cu sare și piper, am pus pătrunjelul tocat mărunt și am amestecat

Hrisca este un aliment nu doar potrivit, ci si foarte iubit pentru retetele vegane. Poti prepara diferite retete cu hrisca, de la retete vegetariene simple si pana la produse complexe, folosind fie semintele de hrisca, fie faina de hrisca, macinata chiar de tine, acasa, ajutat de o rasnita de cafea March 23, 2013 By Ana In Hrisca, Mic Dejun, Retete de post, Retete Raw, Retete Vegane, Retete Vegetariene Tweet Primavara creste si descreste, soarele lumineaza strasnic, dar e inca frig - vremea se joaca cu noi, cu organismele noastre, cu ritmul nostru interior De post cu Hrisca 5 rețete: Chiftelute de soia cu ciuperci(de post), Hrisca, Salata cu hrisca si susan, Turtite de hrisca cu dovleac, Ciuperci umplute cu. Contul meu Cartea mea de rețete. 10 recipes with. capsune Cum sa faci pepite de ciocolata acasa 15 retete cu ton. Planificator de meniu

Cum se ține dieta cu hrișcă. Ține cont, însă de faptul va trebui să mănânci hrișcă fiartă timp de câteva săptămâni bune, iar aceasta are rolul de a-ți tăia apetitul. În cazul în care simt că nu mai reziști tentației, amintește-ți că vei avea greutatea pe care ți-o dorești de atata vreme.. Cum se gătește hrișca. Nu este foarte greu să gătești acest aliment. Hrisca arata si se pregateste precum cerealele, numai ca este, de fapt, o planta ierboasa inrudita cu rubarba si stevia creata. Asta nu o face mai putin hranitoare. Ba din contra. Hrisca a fost cultivata pentru prima data in Asia Centrala, in jurul anului 6000 i.Hr. si de acolo s-a extins in Asia. Se lasa pe foc pana sunt aproape gata legumele, apoi se adauga hrisca scursa de apa si se mai lasa putin.Se adauga verdeturile si, gata! Eu am facut varianta cu hrisca inmuiata in prealabil, asa cum scria Gospodina,e mai sanatoasa, hrisca pastrandu-si, in acest mod, multe din substantele nutritive Hrisca o poti consuma inmuiata in apa, lapte sau iaurt si servita simpla sau cu cereale si fructe. Cum se procedeaza, in 150-200ml kefir se amesteca 1 lingura cu varf hrisca macinata sau seminte intregi de hrisca, se pastreaza la rece peste noapte iar dimineata se consuma ca atare, nu se consuma nimic timp de 4 ore in afara de apa iar o cura. Hrisca o putem prepara in doua moduri: fie o punem de cu seara la inmuiat in apa, pt cca 12 ore, fie o fierbem cca 10 minute, apoi o lasam acoperita inca 10 min. Eu am fiert-o, desi cu siguranta este mai sanatoasa varianta inmuiata, asa isi va pastra nutrientii mai bine. Amestecam hrisca cu restul ingredientelor, asezonam cu sare, piper

Hrisca - 26 rețete - Petitche

Puneti hrisca spalat intr-un vas cu apa, pentru a se inmuia, timp de mai multe ore. Ce mai bine, de seara pana dimineata. Puneti intr-un belnder rosiile in bulion, telina taiata in cubulete si ceapa taiata marunt. Adaugati sare, dupa plac si maruntiti ingredientele. Adaugati bulionul, mierea si hrisca inmuiata si scursa de apa Retete si preparare hrisca Daca in dieta de slabit nu aveti voie sa mancati decat hrisca si iaurturi, in alimentatia normala folosirea ei se poate face sub multe forme. Ea poate fi inmuiata in apa sau lapte, poate fi gatita sau poate fi coapta la cuptor Impreuna cu hrisca inmuiata si taratele de psyllium se plaseaza in blender. Se adauga apa si se blenduiesc usor, in reprize de cateva secunde, pana ce se obtine o supa crema. Se adauga pudra de ghimbir, se potriveste de sare, iar dupa ce se portioneaza, se garniseste cu frunze de patrunjel verde Hrisca cu legume. Randamente 4 porții Hrisca poate fi consumata si inmuiata in lapte alaturi de cereale. 250 gr hrisca 1 ceapa 1 ardei kapia rosu 1 morcov 30 ml ulei 300 ml apa 3 linguri se sos de rosii sare si piper. 1. Mod de preparare: Hrisca se alege de bobitele negre, se spala in doua trei ape. 2 Hrisca with legume este o mancare simpla, se poate pregati usor in orice moment al anului, combinand diverse legume. Hrisca este deseori confundata with o cereala, dar de fapt este o planta ierboasa care produce seminte mici, maronii. Se inrudeste with stevia, macrisul si rubarba

Pilaf de hrisca (reteta fara gluten) - Lecturi si Arom

Inghetata raw vegana cu uleiuri esentiale 8 august 2016Comentarii (2) Apa enzimatica 13 iulie 2016 No Comments. Legume fermentate 26 ianuarie 2016 No Comments RETETE CU CEREALE CARE POT FI PREPARATE IN TIMPUL CUREI 1. Turtite din grau se folosesc suplimentar mei macinat si fiert, hrisca macinata inmuiata cu apa 2-3 ore sau orez macinat si fiert, amestecate in proportii egale sau dupa imaginatia de moment. Pagina 1/2 Pagina 2/2. Vezi galeria foto. Recommendations for you and your home

Dieta cu hrisca si kefir: slabesti pana la 4 kilograme in

5-8 rosii cherry tocate cuburi, amestecate cu putin ulei de masline, rozmarin si zeama de lamaie pentru inmuiat hrisca. Iata pasii de preparare pentru reteta dietetica de placinta . Nu necesita multe cunostinte de gatit savant, se prepara la cuptor la 160 de grade si se poate manca si rece, la micul dejun sau se poate lua la pachet pentru gustare Hrisca inmuiata in apa (1) Se spala hrisca, se toarna apa clocotita putin ssrata peste ea, apoi se lasa la inmuiat pana cand bobul de hrisca devine moale. Hrisca inmuiata in apa (2) Hrisca spalata se lasa la inmuiat in apa rece cu sare timp de minim o ora, pana ce bobul devine moale

Patru retete delicioase pe baza de hrisca de la Tania Bordian

  • in oala: putina apa + ulei + hrisca (inmuiata in apa peste noapte) + praz + sare + ardei iute + salvie uscata - am fiert cu capac - + fasole boabe (fiarta) + piper negru (proaspat macinat) - am stins focul si am mai lasat putin cu capac sa se intrepatrunda aromele si sa se racoreasca
  • Reteta originala este cu afine, insa poti folosi orice fructe colorate de sezon gasesti disponibile (de exemplu capsuni, care acum abunda in toate pietele noastre). Ingrediente pentru Pancakes Vegane cu Hrisca si Fructe de Padure (pentru 6 clatite) 1/2 cana de hrisca organica raw, macinata intr-o faina. 1/4 cana faina de ore
  • Se alege / curata hrisca de corpuri straine sau depreciate . Intr-un pahar de 500-600 grame de la lactate, mai groscior la perete, se practica mai multe fante verticale sau oblice si pe muchia fundului de pahar - se fac aceste fante cu un disc de flex de 0,5 sau 1 mm si se dau la toate nivelele , suficiente cat sa nu se destrame paharul sub greutatea si forta apei
  • tele de floarea soarelui si hrisca se hidrateaza 8 ore. Dupa care se

O reteta de sarmale cu hrisca si nuci din: frunze de varza murata, hrisca, ceapa, morcov, unt, ulei, marar verde, sare, piper si samantana. Ingrediente: 8 frunze de varza murata 15 nuci 100 g hrisca inmuiata 12 ore in zeama de varza acra sau bors 1 ceapa 1 morcov 2 linguri unt 1 lingura ulei 2 legatura marar verde sare piper smantana. Hrisca inmuiata Conform studiilor, contine mai multi nutrienti decat cea fiarta. preparate culinare dominicane bucataria dominicana bucataria dominicana retete sfaturi pentru gatit cu ceapa tipuri de ceapa ulei de cocos pentru ten ulei de cocos intrebuintari beneficii ulei de cocos ulei de cocos pentru par supe usoare reteta de supa. Hrisca inmuiata - boabele se pun la inmuiat in apa calduta de seara pana dimineata, dupa care se scurg. Acestea se pot amesteca cu iaurt, lapte sau suc de fructe. De asemenea, boabele se mai consuma si alaturi de fructele uscate Hrisca cruda Ingrediente: 200 g hrisca. Mod de preparare: Se spala boabele de hrisca, se pun intr-un vas si se acopera cu apa. Dupa 1-2 ore hrisca se inmoaie, se umfla si se poate consuma. Hrisca poate fi inlocuita cu grau, cu conditia sa fie pus la inmuiat cu o seara inainte

Hrisca este o cereala foarte hranitoare, avand un continut ridicat de minerale (zinc, fier, seleniu) si un gust dulce-aromat, deosebit. Se poate manca gatita (fiarta sau coapta) sau sub forma de faina in diverse aluaturi, dar si in varianta raw, doar inmuiata in apa pentru cateva ore. Sa va zic de reteta asta. Pentru vreo 3-4 portii avem. Bune articolefelicitari.Hrisca se poate consuma inmuiata pur si simplu,in salate.Eu a sa o consum,bine inmuiat si aruncata in salata. In Spania Apio si foloseste pentru obtinerea supelor de zarzavatse pune morcov,nap,tulpina de apio si pastarnac.Ei nu folosesc radacian de telina,aproape ca nu o cunosc Retete romanesti - Sarmalute cu hrisca si hrib in floare de dovlecel. Ultima actualizare în Joi, 13 Ianuarie 2011 23:41 it calesti in ulei si apoi il toci. Calesti ardeii si ii toci. Hrisca spalata si inmuiata o calesti putin, adaugi ceapa, morcovul, ardeii deja caliti si tocati si lasi la fiert cam o ora. Adaugi condimente (sare, piper. RETETE CULINARE CU HRISCA Cum fierbem corect Hrisca Hrisca este o cereala, la fel cum este orezul, graul, secara, etc - foarte populara in Rusia si tot spatiul post-sovietic - are un gust si aroma foarte placuta, contine cea mai buna combinatie de proteine, fibre si microelemente - cum s-a exprimat un dietolog Gasiti in ea tot tabelul lui Mendeleev:) Eu de mica sunt obisnuita cu hrisca ca. 8.Mancarica din hrisca si fructe de sezon . Ai nevoie de o cana de hrisca inmuiata in apa 30 de minute si apoi se scurge de zeama. Se amesteca cu iaurt grecesc, guacamole sau banane pisate, fructe de padure sau de care vrei pisate la blender si apoi decorezi tot cu fructe. Citeste si Mic dejun de primavara de luni pana duminica - slabire usoar

Hrisca: Ce este, proprietati, cele mai bune retete si

Nepalul are pamant sarac, dar locuitorii il ingrasa cu compost. Alimentatia acestora se bazeaza pe hrisca, mei, linte sau orez. Consumand astfel de bucate, acesti serpasi duc chiar si cate 10 ore in spate greutati de 90 kg, bagaje ale expeditiilor alpine. Iata unul dintre felurile principale: 150 grame hrisca 70 grame susan 80 grame nuca tocat 150 gr hrisca fiarta 500 gr.ciuperci usturoi 1 ou 1/2 ardei kapia optional patrunjel 100 gr. cascaval ulei/unt sare piper. Am inceput pregatirile pentru aceasta reteta cu ciupercile, pe care le-am calit in ulei/unt, impreuna cu un usturoi cu o frunza de dafin , sare si piper dupa gust. Le-am lasat pe foc mic pana s-a evaporat tot lichidul lasat. Hrisca inmuiata sau fiarta se poate adauga in salatele de cruditati. Din faina de hrisca poti sa faci orice doresti, de la paine si derivate, pana la clatite, taitei, biscuiti, etc. In Asia se face chiar si ceai din boabele de hrisca sau din frunzele uscate ale acesteia Fiind inmuiata in prealabil, hrisca nu mai trebuie fiarta mult timp, caci boabele de hrisca deja s-au deschis si e posibil sa iasa un terci. Varianta 2: FIERBERE, CU/FARA CĂLIRE ÎN ULEI Se curata de impuritati, se clateste,se lasa in apa 2,3 ore, la inmuiat. Se pune direct la fiert sau se caleste in ulei, cu ceapa, legume, si apoi se pune la. Se lasa pe foc pana sunt aproape gata legumele, apoi adaugam hrisca scursa de apa si se mai lasa putin, 2,3 minute. Se adauga verdeturile si, gata! Eu prefer varianta cu hrisca inmuiata in prealabil, e mai sanatoasa, hrisca pastrandu-si, in acest mod, multe din substantele nutritive

Retete cu hrisca. Cum gatim hrisca. Proprietati nutritive ..

ardei umpluti,retete vegetariene,hrisca. Ingrediente pentru 12 ardei medii: •180 gr hrisca (inmuiata peste nopate) •12 ardei medii (curatati de cotor si seminte) •ulei masline •1 ceapa medie tocata •1 ardei rosu tocat •2 morcovi dati pe razatoarea mare •sare neiodata •piper negru proaspat •1 legatura patrunjel tocat •300 ml bulion facut in casa •700 ml apa fierbinte. Somon cu brocoli, sos de ciuperci si paste cu hrisca. Pestele spalat, uscat, condimentat cu sare si piper, se pune in vasul termorezistent, impreuna cu usturoiul taiat, buchetele de brocoli, fiert in apa cu putina sare, apoi scurs, vinul, uleiul turnat deasupra se lasa 20 minute la cuptor, iar dupa ce este. 0 comentari 1 cana hrisca raw inmuiata peste noapte* ¼ cana masline tocate Toate cartile cu retete si sfaturi sunt dedicate in special celor care au o alimentatie traditionala, din dorinta de a ii ajuta sa isi imbunatateasca calitatea vietii, fara sa fie obligati sa renunte la obiceiurile alimentare initiale. painicile.Eu le fac ca pe niste. Hrisca poate fi consumata atat fiarta, cat si inmuiata in apa fierbinte, cantitate dubla, tinuta vreme de 1-2 ore. Si graul poate fi consumat crud, tinandu-se in apa nu mai mult de 5-6 ore. Cerealele nu trebuie sa inceapa sa germineze, astfel dieta cu cereale Oshawa este compromisa. *Acest articol este doar informativ Se acoperă cu un capac şi se fierbe la foc mic timp de 15-20 de minute. 3. În timpul fierberii poţi să pui o jumătate de ceapă, usturoi tocat sau sare pentru a conferi o aromă lintei. 4. Lintea fiartă se poate consuma ca atare cu puţin ulei de măsline, zeamă de lămâie, pătrunjel şi alte legume

Salata de hrisca Retete Culinare Preparatedevis

  1. Fetelor vreau si eu sa tin si eu cateva zile regimul cu cereale, dar nu prea am imaginatie la preparare :) Bine nu ma refer la orez cu sare, ca p-ala stiu sa-l refer la mei, la hrisca..habar n-am ce sa fac cu ele. Sper ca ma puteti ajuta ca altfel mor de foame :) (glumeam) Va pup, o zi buna
  2. 1/3 cani hrisca inmuiata si oparita 1 ceasca de fulgu de cocos 3 linguri de sirop de artar sau miere de salam nezaharisita un pic de sare Pentru crema: 1 ceasca alune de caju inmuiate cu o seara inainte in apa 1/4 cana de unt de nuca de cocos (nu ulei) sau sirop de artar 1/4 ceasca de suc de lamaie 1 lingurita de ulei de cocos topi
  3. Pune hrisca intr-un bol, acoper-o cu 2 cani de apa filtrata si las-o la inmuiat peste noapte. Adauga toate ingredientele pentru dressing in robotul de bucatarie si amesteca pana ce totul devine omogen. Regleaza consistenta sosului adaugand supa clara de legume. Creeaza Budha bowl-ul: Imparte hrisca inmuiata in doua farfurii
  4. Desert cu hrisca inmuiata, nefiarta, pepene cu miez verde sau galben, putina scortisoara, optional. Delicious! Sanatate
  5. erale (zinc, fier, seleniu) si un gust dulce-aromat, deosebit
  6. imum 6 ore o fierbem in cei 500mL apa la foc mic pana absoarbe toata apa. Oprim focul, acoperim vasul si lasam pentru 15

Retete culinare Salata nutritiva de iarna cu germeni de grau. Retete culinare Tot de cafea si visine. Retete culinare Frunza de turta dulce. Dupa 1-2 ore hrisca se inmoaie, se umfla si se poate consuma. Hrisca poate fi inlocuita cu grau, cu conditia sa fie pus la inmuiat cu o seara inainte. 8. Pasta de orez Ingrediente: 200 g orez, 400 ml apa, 1/2 lingurita sare grunjoasa. Mod de preparare: Se macina orezul cu o rasnita de cafea. Se pune apa cu sare la fiert Rar am folosit hrisca fiarta pentru ca mi se pare ca are un gust dulce ciudat, nu stiu Insa, pentru ca este foarte sanatoasa, obisnuiesc sa o includ in piureul de fructe, iaurt, salata, biscuiti raw fie doar inmuiata peste noapte, fie incoltita. Asa are un gust mult mai pe placul meu


  1. e. Hrisca cu fructe pentru micul dejun 30 g hrisca 20 g goji o lamaie (de la care am folosit putin suc si toata coaja) o portocala mica un kiwi o lingurita de scortisoar
  2. Am luat hrisca maro ( stiu ca nu este cruda ci prefiarta) si am zis ca o sa iasa treaba numa buna - imi place tare mult gustul la hrisca maro inmuiata bine! Am pus hrisca la hidratat vreo 12 ore si apoi in amestec cu celelalte, gustand, am zis EVRIKA! Da tare buna combinatie.. o mancam cu lingurita. Mai apoi la deshidratat insa s-o intamplat o.
  3. 70g migdale ( ori 30g migdale, 30g hrisca inmuiata pentru 3 ore) Pentru stratul de caramel de cheesecake. 300 g caju, înmuiate timp de cel puțin 8 ore. ori 150g caju plus 150g unt de cocos si 50g de fulgi de cocos. crema de miere si pudra de roscove (trebuie sa curga greu) 6 linguri ulei de nucă de cocos. 4 lingurițe lapte vegeta
  4. Inlocuiti carnea tocata cu hrisca. Sarmale cu hrisca: 8 frunze de varza murata, 15 nuci, 100 g hrisca inmuiata 12 ore in zeama de varza acra sau bors, 1 ceapa, 1 morcov, 1 lingura ulei, 2 legaturi marar verde, sare, piper. Scurgeti hrisca inmuiata (10-12 ore) si puneti-o intr-un castron mai mare
  5. Hrisca arata si se pregateste precum cerealele, numai ca este, de fapt, o planta ierboasa inrudita cu rubarba si stevia creata. Asta nu o face mai putin hranitoare. Ba din contra. Hrisca a fost cultivata pentru prima data in Asia Centrala, in jurul anului 6000 i.Hr. si de acolo s-a extins in Asia Centrala si [
  6. RETETE CULINARE CU HRISCA. Cum fierbem corect Hrisca. Hrisca este o cereala, la fel cum este orezul, graul, secara, etc - foarte populara in Rusia si tot spatiul post-sovietic - are un gust si aroma foarte placuta, contine cea mai buna combinatie de proteine, fibre si microelemente - cum s-a exprimat un dietolog Gasiti in ea tot tabelul lui Mendeleev:) Eu de mica sunt obisnuita cu hrisca ca.

Lapte de hrisca cruda: 1/2 cana hrisca inmuiata peste noapte si fiarta in 1 cana de apa pana absoarbe apa, dam la blander, completam cu 1 l apa si strecuram Lapte din fulgi de ovaz: 1/2 cana fulgi de ovaz inmuiti peste noapte, dam la blander, completam 1 l apa si strecura Hrisca. Este mai bine sa o consumi inmuiata in apa si nu in lapte. Hrisca este bogata in fier, iar laptele contine mult calciu. Consumate separat, cele doua aduc beneficii importante pentru sanatate dar consumate impreuna ele interfereaza, ceea ce conduce la o absorbtie incompleta. Carnea. Este mai bine sa fie consumata in timpul zilei si nu seara Hrisca, aceasta samanta sub forma de inimioara, ce vine din vremuri indepartate, a fost folosita in special de populatia saraca, pentru ca era nutritiva, usor de mancat si satura repede. O poti manca cruda (inmuiata), fiarta, prajita, combinata cu de toate. Mie imi place hrisca integrala bio. E buna si cea decorticata dar cea integrala are un gust de nuca mai pronuntat, este mai dulceaga si. Un blog cu retete culinare, retete simple si la indemana oricui, retete rapide, retete usoare, torturi si prajituri Cum sa faci Salata vegana cu hrisca si legume. De regula contin paine inmuiata, cartofi razuiti, carne tocata, ou, condimente. Totusi, exista si variante de post cum ar fi chiftelutele de fasole si orez..

Intre timp se rasneste nuca in robot, apoi se adauga si hrisca inmuiata. Morcovul, ceapa si telina, spalate bine si curatate, se razuiesc fin, apoi impreuna cu uleiul presat la rece, boiaua de ardei dulce, semintele rasnite de coriandru, oregano si mixul de piper, se adauga peste nuca si hrisca -punem boabele de hrisca impreuna cu granulele de soia la fiert in 200 ml apa cu putina sare. Lasam la fiert pana se umfla hrisca. Scurgem apa ramasa si lasam la racit-carnea tocata se pune intr-un castron incapator, adaugam painea inmuiata si stoarsa, oul, sare si piper dupa gust, usturoiul granulat,verdeata tocata si hrisca+soia scurse de apa Hrisca hidratata cateva ore,3 linguri de faina integrala de grau peste care se pun 5 linguri de apa si se lasa 6 ore (de seara pana dimineata) la fermentat,2 linguri de stafide care se acopera cu apa si se lasa peste noapte,o mana de miez de nuca inmuiata de seara,2 mere,banana,carob si scortisoara.

Retete de Revelion: Prajitura cu mere, miere si nuci O reteta de prajitura cu mere, miere si nuci din: faina, praf de copt, coaja de lamaie, zahar, miere, ou, galbenus, unt, mere, suc de lamaie, miere, praf de scortisoara, zahar vanilat, budinca de vanilie, nuca si stafide. Ingrediente: aluat: 300 g faina 2 lingurite pra Mod de preparare: Se spala boabele de hrisca, se pun intr-un vas si se acopera cu apa. Dupa 1-2 ore hrisca se inmoaie, se umfla si se poate consuma. Hrisca poate fi inlocuita cu grau, cu conditia sa fie pus la inmuiat cu o seara inainte. 8. Pasta de orez . Ingrediente: 200 g orez, 400 ml apa, 1/2 lingurita sare grunjoasa

recipes de mancare recipes delicioase: Cod in crustă de hrean 25 January 2014 O reteta simpla si delicioasa de cod in crusta de. Ce-i drept, multi se impaca greu cu gustul mai aromat al boabelor de hrisca, dar cu timpul, este posibil ca acest aliment sa va placa mai mult decat v-ati putea astepta. Hrisca inmuiata Boabele de hrisca se pun la inmuiat in apa calduta de seara pana dimineata (10-12 ore), dupa care se scurg Retete: In afara de retetele cunoscute cu grau, orez, hrisca sau mei fierte in apa cu sare, va mai prezentam in continuare o serie de retete mai elaborate care va vor face mai facila abordarea acestui regim. 1.Grau, hrisca sau mei copt Se spala foarte bine graul si se pune in tigaie cu sare, in strat subtire, atat cat sa o acopere. Se pune pe. Retete de post de la cititori: Lapte din germeni de cereale (soia, grau, orz, ovaz, secara, hrisca, mei) De Petre Dobrescu , Joi, 03 aprilie 2003, 21:00 Ingrediente: 500 g germeni proaspeti de soia (se obtin punand boabele de soia la incoltit) se limpezesc bine cu apa de izvor sau de fantana, se dau de 2-3 ori prin masina de macinat carne.

Am mixat galbenusurile cu dovleceii, branza si painea inmuiata in lapte, apoi am integrat usor albusurile spuma, amestecand cu o spatula. Am uns cu unt un vas de yena si am pus compozitia. Am bagat la cuptorul preincalzit la 180 grade C pentru aproximativ 40 de minute. Pofta buna Varza umpluta cu cartofi - Pasul 1. Cureti cartofii, ii tai cuburi si ii fierbi in apa cu 1 lingurita de Delikat legume, apoi ii strecori si ii zdrobesti. Desfaci varza, fierbi frunzele timp de 4-5 minute in apa cu 1 lingurita de Delikat legume, apoi le lasi la scurs 4. Amaranth-ul este o pseudo-cereala cu o istorie extrem de veche, fiind un aliment de baza in culturile incase, mayase si aztece. Amaranth-ul, cunoscut la noi sub denumirea de stir, este foarte bogat in nutrienti si deosebit de sanatos. Astfel, s-a constatat ca amaranth-ul este eficient in reducerea inflamatiilor din organism si are rol de preventie a bolilor cardiovasculare Bombonele raw cu hrisca si cocos Azi am fost nevoita sa fac bombonelele cu cocos pe care mi-am propus de ieri sa le fac. Spun ca am fost nevoita pentru ca lasasem hisca la inmuiat cu o zi inainte si era musai sa fac ceva cu ea. 1/2 cana hrisca inmuiata cateva ore sau peste noapte (se foloseste hrisca verde, cruda) 1/2 cana nuci (orice nuci.

Reteta de paine de casa

Oferita de fratele mircea.v la rubrica de comentarii a articolului Prigonirea preotilor nepomenitori din Grecia :

Ultima varianta de reteta de paine din aluat neframantat. Sant unele mici modificari si adaugiri.

Reteta de paine din aluat neframantat. Cel care a pus-o pe you-tube este un brutar din New York. Mai jos o varianta si mai simpla si mai comoda. Etape putine, mizerie de curatat la fel.
1kg faina
800 g apa
3 lingurite rase de sare (sau dupa gust)
1,0 – 1,5 g drojdie instant
(pt alte cantitati, se respecta proportiile)
se pune faina, drojdia, sarea intr-un vas cam de 5 litri
se amesteca
se pune toata apa
se amesteca 1-2 min cu o lingura de lemn sa se omogenizeze cat mai bine continutul
daca se pune apa calduta incepe imediat sa creasca aluatul (isi dubleaza volumul cand e crescut la max)
dupa ce creste, sau creste cam jumate, se pune intr-un loc mai racoros pana a 2-a zi, vasul sa fie acoperit. Trebuie sa stea cam 12-14 ore. (in caz de urgenta ar merge si un 4-6 ore, dar se tine aluatul tot timpul la temperatura camerei)
Vasul in care se face painea – vas de sticla yena (jenna) , cu capac yena. Volumul vas + volumul capac sa fie cam tot 5 litri. Nu conteaza forma vasului.
Se pune in cuptor vasul cu capac, si foc la max, 10-15 min, pana ajunge si vasul la temperatura max. Se scoate vasul (manusi), se ia capacul, se presara putina faina pe fund vas daca faina se face maro inseamna ca temperatura este prea mare si trebuie dat focul un pic mai mic, si se mai asteapta 1 min sa se mai raceasca si vasul de yena. Dupa ce s-a lamurit pr temperaturii prin metoda fainii, nu mai este necesar sa se presare faina. Aluatul nu se lipeste.
(Daca temperatura vasului este prea mica sau prea mare painea se va lipi de fundul vasului. Daca T = 180…250grd C, painea nu se lipeste)
Se rastoarna aluatul in vas, se pune capac, si la cuptor.
30-35 min cu capac (sau 40 min)
10-15 min fara capac (sau 7min)
timp total 45-50 min
Nu se lipeste, nu se arde, totul ok.
Pt cuptor cu gaz (fara indicator de temperatura), foc la max, si test cu faina pt temp prea mare. Se gasesc in comert si termometre de cuptor, nu sant f scumpe.
Pt cuptor electric pe la 220-230 grd C. (se lasa sa ajunga si vasul gol la temperatura asta, si apoi se scoate si se pune aluatul in vas nu se presara faina pe fund vas)
Timp mai mare fara capac si temperatura mai mare inseamna o crusta mai crocanta, mai groasa, si mai inchisa la culoare si mai toxica.
Daca cuptorul are termostat si se poate regla temperatura si cuptorul tine temperatura asta (de ex 230 grdC), atunci nu mai trebuie presarata faina pe fundul vasului. Painea nu se lipeste, nu se arde.
La sfarsit painea trebuie lasata sa se raceasca (1,5-2 ore). Se scoate din vasul de jenna, se inveleste intr-un prosop si se lasa sa se raceasca. Orice paine care nu trece si prin procesul de racire, adica daca se rupe imediat, va avea la interior aspect de miez umed, necopt suficient…
In general se raceste invelita intr-un prosop, ca sa se mai inmoaie crusta. Dar asta, dupa preferintele fiecaruia, in functie si cat de crocanta rezulta crusta….
Prosopul sa nu aiba miros (de detergent, cocolino sau alte tampenii…) deoarece daca are, painea va capata gust de detergent.
Este incredibila ca si aspect si gust. Gust f bun are si varianta 1/3 faina integrala + 2/3 faina alba (in cazul asta e bine sa se puna apa calduta pt a accelera cresterea si 900 g apa la 1kg amestec faina). Se poate folosi orice fel de faina, orice fel de drojdie. Am mai incercat si 1/3 faina de secara si 2/3 faina alba, cu 800g apa – iese f buna.
Sau faina alba si 7…10% tarate (din total faina + tarate) , si 85% apa (.din total faina + tarate). Ideal tarate de moara, fulgisori de 2-5mm, nu macinata fin. Ii da o dulceata si un gust de paine adevarata.
Idem, faina fara gluten, si se mai adauga 5-6 linguri ulei de masline.

(nu se pun seminte, deoarce la temperatura mare toate uleiurile si ce mai e bun pe acolo se descompune (partial) si rezulta ceva rau si in loc sa mancam sanatos mancam nu bun).
Cine face si e multumit sa zica o rugaciune mica si pt acest brutar din New York, ca la sfarsitul prezentarii a spus: „sa stie toata lumea”.
Se poate experimenta un pic, variind doar cate un parametru, in principal temperatura si timpi, pana se obtine cel mai bun rezultat cuptoarele sant diferite, vasele de jenna pot fi rotunde, ovale… si atunci pot apare mici diferente fata de reteta mai sus prezentata, diferente ce se pot compensa prin mici variatii ale celor 2 parametri de mai sus.

Good appetite!
(Se poate pastra mai multe zile daca se tine intr-un loc mai racoros, si dupa primele 2 zile tinuta tot in vasul yena (cu capac) in care a fost facuta. Painea veche daca se baga felii la cuptor pt 5 min pe la 150 grd, devine ca noua sau rumenita un pic pe tabla la argaz)

Pt o toxicitate mai mica a cojii, se poate face paine si la 180-200grdC, cu marirea timpului „vas cu capac pus” cu 10-20 minute (la 180grd se mareste „timpul cu capac” cu 20 min, iar pt 200grdC cu 10 min). Faza „fara capac” acelasi timp.
Se experimenteaza un pic.
Cu cat coaja e mai maro, ca la orice prajeala, e mai toxica. Mai putin maro inseamna o temperatura mai mica. Substantele toxice incep sa fie produse de la 120grdC in sus.

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