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9 Menus for Cold-Weather Entertaining Slideshow

9 Menus for Cold-Weather Entertaining Slideshow

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February 24, 2011


Allison Beck

For your next gathering, prepare a meal that will warm you up from the inside.

1. Moroccan Dinner Party Menu

Bring the scents and flavors from souks of Morocco into your home with this menu of aromatic dishes including roasted eggplant dip and a kumquat and lamb tagine.

Click here to see a Moroccan Dinner Party Menu.

2. Warming Soup Meal Menu

When entertaining guests, think beyond the evening — why not host a gathering during the day? Invite some friends over for a relaxed Sunday lunch featuring a couple of warm soups, coupled with a salad and a hearty loaf of bread.

Click here to see a Warming Soup Meal Menu.

3. Sunday Brunch Menu

Late winter is the perfect time to host a cozy brunch in your own home; we’d make a couple of frittatas and serve lots of warm, gooey cinnamon buns straight from the oven.

Click here to see the Sunday Brunch Menu.

4. Finger Foods Cocktail Party Menu

When having guests over, you don’t need to make a full three-course meal. Open a couple of bottles of wine and set out a spread of delicious finger foods and dips to keep your guests happy and conversation flowing.

Click here for the Finger Foods Cocktail Party Menu.

5. Ice Skating Menu

After an afternoon on the ice, warm up with a deep, dark chocolate drink and then enjoy a meal of tender braised short ribs by the fire.

Click here to see the Ice Skating Menu.

9. Winter Dinner Party Menu

This menu features mouth-watering, wintertime dishes, like a blood orange salad and roast pork with wine-poached figs, that are elegant enough to serve at your next dinner party.

Click here for the Winter Dinner Party Menu.

7. A Simple Dinner Party Menu

Michael Leva and Nancy Parker, authors of Recipes for Parties, often turn to easy yet impressive dishes like a classic green salad or salt-baked salmon when entertaining at home.

Click here to see A Simple Dinner Party Menu.

6. Stay-at-Home Brunch for Two

There is no need to change out of your pajamas to make some cornmeal-crusted French toast and boozy hot chocolate — it’s just the way to enjoy a lazy weekend day at home when it's cold outside.

Click here to see Stay-at-Home Brunch for Two.

8. A Cassoulet Supper

Recreate the feel of a Parisian café at home by preparing this menu featuring a hearty cassoulet and a crisp salad with bacon lardons.

Click here to see A Cassoulet Supper.