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Coke and Cheerios Multi-Ethnic Super Bowl Ads Create Buzz

Coke and Cheerios Multi-Ethnic Super Bowl Ads Create Buzz

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One of the top Super Bowl commercials from Sunday night’s Seahawks runaway victory was a Coke commercial which featured America the Beautiful being sung in a variety of languages while a montage of Americans of different ages and ethnicities did things like break dance, spend the night camping, and of course, drink a lot of Coke.

After the commercial aired, Coca-Cola tweeted out, “The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here.” But the commercial incited a whole lot of ugly controversy because people felt that the song should have been sung in English. The hashtag #boycottCoke trended last night and this morning, with a chorus of “this is America, speak English!” and “I’m never buying coke again!” flooding Twitter and Tumblr.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson told The Daily Meal that, “For centuries America has opened its arms to people of many countries who have helped to build this great nation. We believe “It’s Beautiful” is a great example of the magic that makes our country so special, and a powerful message that spreads optimism, promotes inclusion and celebrates humanity – values that are core to Coca-Cola.”

Coke wasn’t the only company with a commercial that incited Twitter backlash. For the second time, Cheerios featured the return of the multi-racial family, who sparked controversy when they first lit up the small screen in May. The Youtube link of the original commercial featured a slew of racist and angry comments.

This time around, most of the attention was on the cute factor of the young daughter in the commercial who asks for a puppy when her father announces that she will have a little brother soon. But still, an MSNBC employee was fired, according to the Wall Street Journal, for Tweeting out, ““Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family” under the MSNBC Twitter handle.”

General Mills, the creator of Cheerios, seemed upbeat about their chosen actors, telling the Daily Meal: “Like millions of other Americans, we fell in love with this family. The Big Game provided an opportunity to tell another Cheerios story about family love.”

Watch the video: Cheerios 1976 Commercial (July 2022).


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