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Dessert cake with orange, peanuts and chocolate

Dessert cake with orange, peanuts and chocolate

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Beat, with the mixer, the egg whites with a pinch of salt and the sweetener, add the orange juice (I had half an orange), vanilla, oil, then the baking powder and the flour spoon by spoon, mixing after each, at low speed, light, so that the composition gains volume. You can also use the mixer to mix the dry ingredients, as long as they are added spoon by spoon and mixed after each one. As for the flour, I put 6 tablespoons, and so that there is no doubt that it is a full or grated spoon or more in half, I wrote exactly the weight.

Pour the composition into a round baking dish, prepared with baking sheet, put in the preheated oven on medium heat for about 27 minutes (or until the toothpick test passes). Leave to cool.


Boil the water with orange peel for about 5 minutes, leave to cool.


Melt the whipped cream together with the two kinds of chocolate on a steam bath. Mix well until the chocolate melts, leave to cool for about 10 minutes on the table, then refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the peanuts, grind them in a coffee grinder to obtain a fine paste.

Beat the cream with the mixer until it becomes creamy, add the peanuts and mix well.


Syrup the cake, spread the peanut butter and coat the side, then put in the freezer, so that when we pour the icing, the cake is cold and the cream does not melt or spread. I also use this process when using the mirror glaze.


In a kettle, melt over low heat, the chocolate icing with milk and butter, stirring constantly, not to burn and remove the kettle from the fire from time to time. When the icing has homogenized, set aside a little to cool, then pour warmly on the cake (not to burn on the finger).


Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath, fill a chocolate pot, decorate the cake. For the cream flowers, mix the melted dark chocolate with the liquid cream, with the mixer and decorate the cake.

I also used some green chocolate ornaments made another time.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Preparation time: 2 h

Baking time: 27 min, medium heat

Portions: 10

Baking mold diameter: 20 cm

Good appetite!

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