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Chicken sarmale in vine leaves

Chicken sarmale in vine leaves

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Chop the chicken breast and place in a bowl. Peel and wash the onion, then finely chop and cook in 2 lbs of oil. When it is hardened, put the tomato paste and the minced meat spice over the onion, then mix well. Over the minced meat add the fried onion with broth, the rice washed in 2-3 waters and the finely chopped carrot and celery, mix well.

The vine leaves, mine were from the freezer, thawed and filled with the prepared meat. The sarmales are formed. They are put on the fire in a saucepan. I put them next to the ones with cabbage and I poured water with tomato paste over them and I let them simmer for about 4 hours.

When cooked, serve with yogurt.

For the beginning, the vine leaves will be prepared.

If they are fresh, they will be boiled in boiling water for a few seconds (3-4 seconds), and the ones from brine will be kept for about 1 hour in a bowl with warm water, changing the water from time to time to remove the salt).

Meanwhile, in a double-bottomed saucepan (used to the end) heat the oil.

Over the hot oil, add the cleaned and finely chopped onion, stirring constantly (left as long as it becomes translucent).

The rice, which has been washed under running water and drained, will be added over the onion and left to harden for a few minutes (about 3-4 minutes), stirring all the time so as not to burn with a wooden spoon or a spatula.

The water (200 ml) heated in the meantime will be added over the rice, letting it boil over a low heat until it swells a little and the liquid will be completely absorbed.

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Towards the end, the composition will be seasoned with salt, pepper, finely chopped greens (dill, parsley and mint), mixing everything lightly with a spatula, to get the ingredients and flavors.

The fire will be closed and the composition is left to cool in the pan.

The vine leaves will be drained in a strainer (or eventually squeezed lightly between the hands, then unfolded separately).

On a worktop, fill each leaf with a spoonful of the cooled filling, they are rolled and closed well at the ends (so that the filling does not come out).

The sarmales will be placed in a circular pot in a high pot (capacitaye 1.5-2 l) or a large saucepan in the mouth, the bottom is lined with a few vine leaves, diced tomatoes and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Cover with warm water (to exceed 2 cm of sarmalute), then put the juice of 1 lemon and cut slices of tomatoes on top.

Place a plate on top of the sarmales (to prevent them from falling apart), then let them simmer for about 1 hour.

Sarmalele in Greek beef sheets can be served hot or cold, on white plates, with the sauce left from the tomatoes, decorated with sour cream or yogurt.

Sarmalas can also be served on lemon slices, especially when they are offered to guests, to impress them.

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If I buy minced meat, then the onion is finely chopped. If I chop the meat, then I put the onion through the mincer. I never lay an egg because then the sarmales harden. To be fluffy, I put a little mineral water in the composition.

It looks very good with my sarmales. Maybe because we use the same recipe.

Very good, I managed the recipe! , June 6, 2018

Danelia Stochita, May 17, 2015

a good recipe, thank you for the details and for the fact that you added that the beef leaves must be scalded!

the best sarmale like at home!

Ioana Nitoiu, May 21, 2014

I put a sprig of dill and a smoked rib on the bottom of the pot

Marin Calin, April 26, 2014

very tasty appetite

Geo Geoko, February 8, 2014

the best sarmale like at home!

Stefania Dragan, November 21, 2013


Undercover, September 17, 2013

where did you get the egg from I didn't find it in the "ingredients"

they are much tastier if boiled in cow's, sheep's, goat's or whey sauce with dill sauce.

Fasting sarmale in beef leaves

Fasting sarmale in beef sheets - a recipe that will definitely end up in your recipe book, not only for the fasting period, but generally during the periods when you want to vary the classic menu or to impress your guests with something new!

We all know and love traditional sarmales, whether they are with sweet cabbage or sauerkraut, or they are cooked in their pan, on the stove, filling the house with flavors or baked in a clay pot. Today I propose an alternative to the traditional sarmale recipe - Fasting sarmale in beef sheets!

We replace minced meat with mushrooms, an excellent source of vegetable protein, and instead of rice we use chives or spelled wheat. In addition, we add the special ingredient that makes our fasting sarmalutes a real explosion of flavors - the spice mix for sarmale from the Savori Romanesti range, from Kotanyi.

Fasting sarmale in beef leaves - Romanian flavors from Kotanyi

In the "Romanian Flavors" range from Kotanyi you can find selections of spices specially created to be used for the most beloved recipes in Romanian cuisines! Spices for Sausages, French Fries, Meatballs or Sarmale, all are meant to bring flavor to traditional recipes. In our recipe today - Fasting Sarmale in beef leaves - we use the mix for Sarmale, which contains iodized salt, garlic, coriander, thyme, smoked paprika, pepper, dill, ginger. That is, a complex mix of flavors, so there is no need to add other spices, not even salt and pepper. But we can't forget, of course, the sprigs of thyme and dill, which are placed on the bottom of the sarmale pot, as we learned from Buni Sia since childhood!

Fasting stuffed beef - Everything you need to know about the recipe

  • Mushrooms are considered "vegetable meat", so our sarmalutes are very nutritious and full, although they do not contain meat.
  • I chose to use pleurotus mushrooms, very accessible and very "meaty" in texture. They do not decrease as much when cooked as other types of mushrooms, but the choice is yours, depending on the mushrooms you like. You can also use a mix of cultivated mushrooms (pleurotus, champignon) or wild mushrooms (ghibi, galbiori, ghebe).
  • Of course you can also use rice in the recipe for fasting Sarmalute in beef sheets, but why not try barley / wheat spelled? Arapcas is crispy and has a special aroma, and the cooking time is the same as that of rice.

  • Beef sheets are great for sarmale, being very popular in the Balkans and the Middle East, where fillings range from minced meat to plain rice or various vegetables. Thus, the beef leaves fit perfectly in the fasting sarmale recipe. You can find them in stores in jars, in brine. It is ideal to keep them in water before use, so as not to be too sour for sarmalute.
  • If you don't like beef leaves, you can opt for sauerkraut. It is advisable to keep it in water before use to dispose of it. Or you can use sweet, fresh cabbage, which you scald before use.

Fasting sarmale in beef sheets - Ingredients for 30 pieces

  • 2-3 teaspoons of Kotanyi “Savori Romanesti” spice mix
  • 4 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 1 medium carrot, put on a fine grater
  • a slice of celery on a fine grater
  • a large, finely chopped white onion
  • 700g pleutorus mushrooms, cut into cubes
  • 200g barley / spelled
  • an 800g jar of beef brine
  • 500ml tomato juice
  • dill and thyme branches

Remove the beef leaves from the jar, drain the brine, keep them in cold water for 30 minutes, until the composition is ready.

For the composition with which we will fill the stuffed cabbage, heat the oil in a large pan. Saute onion, carrot and celery until onion becomes translucent. Add the mushrooms and the barley, cook them together with the onion for 4-5 minutes on medium heat, until the mushrooms are soft. Add 2 teaspoons of Kotanyi spice mix for sarmale or to taste. Mix well.

On each beef leaf we put a generous spoonful of filling. We roll the sarmalute, not very tight, so that the barley can swell when cooked.

We are preparing a suitable pot. Put dill and thyme sprigs on the bottom of the pot, then cover with a generous layer of beef leaves. We build the sarmales in layers. After each layer of sarmale, add tomato juice and season. At the end, cover the sarmales with another layer of beef leaves, add tomato juice. Add 150-200ml water. Boil the stuffed cabbage over low heat for an hour & a half, or until the bark is cooked.

Serve the fasting sarmalute with sour cream, lemon juice or, if you like, with pickled hot peppers. May it be your best and I invite you to try the whole range of "Romanian Flavors" spices from Kotanyi, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!

Chicken sarmale in vine leaves - Recipes

1 kg of minced chicken, in my case, but you can use pork, beef, turkey, mixture
vine leaves
1 onion
1 carrot
4 tablespoons of rice that I washed
green dill
a sprig of dried dill, dried thyme and green
a few bay leaves
2-3 tablespoons of tomato paste or broth
2 tablespoons oil
200 ml household bags
salt and pepper
a teaspoon of paprika
the water

  • I washed the vine leaves, cut the stalk and boiled them for 7 minutes in water with a little salt. This will soften and leave the taste slightly bitter. After they have softened, I take them out of the hot water, I let them drain and cool.
  • I chopped the onion finely with a knife, as well as the green dill
  • I put the carrot on the small grater
  • I mix the meat with the chopped onion, the carrot, the dill and I added dried thyme, but also the green one for as much flavor as possible.
  • we don't forget salt and pepper, paprika and a spoonful of tomato paste, which will give the mixture both color and taste
  • mix all these ingredients with the rice
  • in the pan in which I boiled the stuffed cabbage I put 1-2 tablespoons of oil, a few sprigs of thyme and dill and two-thirds of vine leaves
  • I formed the sarmales taking one leaf at a time, I placed it on a shredder with the ribbed side up
  • I took a teaspoon of the meat mixture and placed it at the base of the leaf
  • I brought the edges inwards and rolled
  • I prepared them all until I finished the meat, placing them in the pan, in concentric circles
  • on the edge I put again a sprig of thyme and bay leaves
  • over the tomato paste I poured a little water and I added it in the pan over the sarmale, I also poured the borscht, following that when the water will drop in the oven to complete
  • I covered the sarmales with water and two vine leaves and the pan I put it in the oven at 200 gr C for 30 min then lowering the temperature to 180 gr C
  • the sarmales boiled in about two hours and were delicious with a hot pepper and a little sour cream

Delicious sarmales wrapped in vine leaves are easy to prepare. just be careful, my mother woke up at 5 in the morning in the hot days of my childhood to prepare our food and not have to cook when the sun was burning hard, I was lucky and I caught a cooler day and I boiled without problems.

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Chicken sarmalute in vine leaf

For some time now, my little boy has tasted traditional sarmalute. And since the ones with pork are not really a good option, being more "heavy", I chose to make them chicken sausages, meaning something more dietary. I say "something more" because, as you know, maybe the meat-rice combination is not very happy because it is a bit harder to digest. However, the basic rule is not to give up small culinary pleasures completely, but rather to be moderate in what we consume.

From time to time some traditional sarmalute with pork or in the dietary version of chicken sausages they have no way of doing harm. What do you think?

Until I find out your opinion, I think it would be good to write the recipe, although maybe many of you already know it. But I hope that for those who still do not know how to make sarmalute, to have come to their aid by publishing it today.

Sarmale in beef leaves

Put the pot on the stove, on the right heat, for about an hour. Vine leaves boil faster than cabbage leaves. Then put in the oven at the right heat (175 degrees Celsius) for another hour - an hour and a half. Before putting the sarmales in the oven, I pour a glass of wine over them for extra flavor and flavor. It's not mandatory, but I recommend you try it, it's a delight. Be careful not to use sweet wine, but dry or semi-dry wine.

The cabbage rolls are served steamed, with cold yogurt and (possibly) with a glass of good wine.

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500 g chopped chicken breast
1 or
1 cup rice
vine leaves
Bor l borscht
1 link dill
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch green onions

The vine leaves are washed, scalded and the rib cut in the middle, if it is too thick. Allow to drain. Mix the chopped chicken breast with the finely chopped greens, the chosen and washed rice, the egg, the salt, the pepper and the lightly hardened green onions. Put a tablespoon of filling on each leaf, roll and place the stuffed cabbage in a saucepan. Pour
top with borscht and a cup of water and bake on low heat for about an hour. Chicken sarmales with vine leaves can be served with cream.

Vine leaves in brine & # 8211 perfect for sarmale

The vine leaves are suitable for wrapping sarmales. If you want to prepare a few jars of brine vine leaves, I recommend you try this recipe. It's very simple, so you don't have to worry!

Necessary ingredients:

How to put vine leaves in a jar?

Wash the leaves and put them on a paper towel to drain. Then cut their tails. Divide the 90 leaves into 9 equal piles. Rotate each pile of leaves (10 leaves in a bunch) in a tight roll. Put it upright in the jar.

Boil 500 ml of salted water in a saucepan. Then pour the brine obtained over the leaves, so that they are completely covered. Screw on the cover.

Put a cloth on the bottom of a pot. Add the jar of vine leaves to the pot and pour the water. From the moment the water starts to boil, leave the pot on the fire for about 15 minutes.

Then take the jar out of the pot and set it aside to cool. The vine leaves can be stuffed with minced meat to obtain delicious sarmale.

You can use them whenever you want to prepare sarmalute. Just take them out of the jar, wash them a little so that they are not too salty and then prepare the sarmales.

Prepare your jars in advance with everything you need for the winter and so you will be able to eat pickles, beef leaves, vegetable salad, etc. in the cold season. Share this beef brine recipe with your friends.

Sarmale in foil beef & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of sarmale in beef leaves it is ideal for people who do not eat cabbage for various reasons. Although cabbage rolls they are extremely tasty, I also really like the ones in beef sheets. In fact, as a child I didn't like sauerkraut very much, so we always ate stuffed beef. My mother always made both kinds of sarmale, and the ones with beef were my favorites. He made them quite often during the summer, when I didn't have sauerkraut, and I remained a fan for life.

This recipe for sarmale in beef leaves was borrowed from our Turkish neighbors who prepared them a little differently. The salty version was with beef, mint, parsley and cod. The Romans introduced the pig and gave up the green aromatic plants, being satisfied with the dried thyme which is very well preserved over the winter. For this recipe I used minced beef, lean and of good quality.

I never buy ready-minced meat, but I prefer to either have it minced in front of me at the butcher's, or chop it at home alone. Sometimes I mix beef with fatter turkey or chicken. Good thing you can put a mixture of pork and beef. It is important to have good quality meat, fresh and not too fat. You can also make them in the fasting version, with rice and many vegetables. The Turks even have a sweet version with rice and raisins and are very tasty.

For the beef leaves, I had beef leaves preserved in brine but you can also use frozen beef leaves. If the beef leaves are too salty, you can leave them to dry overnight in a bowl of cold water. You can boil the sarmales both in the oven and on the stove, checking the water in the pan from time to time. Beef leaves should be well cooked, meat should be cooked, as should rice. Serve these wonderful sarmale in beef sheets with sour cream and sauce formed in the pan. They are delicious and I hope you like them too.

Sarmale with beef or lime leaf

Sarmale with beef or lime leaf I generally do it in summer and autumn, with fresh leaves, and now I have also made video. How to choose the leaves, how to scald for sarmale? How is the composition for sarmale made, what spices are used? How are the sarmales wrapped?

I will write to you now recipe detailed, and I took pictures several times, there are different moments when I made the sarmales with vine and linden leaves. I was on the mountain with my husband and Totosii (our puppies, 2 golden retrievers we adore) and I gathered thyme, shock flowers, fir buds and on the way down I found the linden leaf and some green walnuts. I made a delicious one green walnut jam 🙂

I made sarmale then, but I made few and I also had guests, so the appetite did not subside. After 1 week I made sarmale again, but only with vine leaves, when I did the filming. I also made lasagna, peppers, zucchini and stuffed tomatoes, but also a delicious yogurt pie. I made the yogurt pie in 8 minutes, because the video space on the card runs out & # 128578 You'll see when I post the movies & # 128578

I didn't manage to post the recipes then, because 2 hours after I finished everything, my mother died. I was talking to the little girl on FB and at one point she told me that my mother was not feeling well and after a few minutes she announced that she was dead. The next day I left for Romania, urgently. I won't tell you more, those who have lost a loved one understand.

I am writing this recipe with tears in my eyes, because my mother taught me to cook. It's my mother's sarmale recipe, and my mother, in turn, learned it from her grandmother. Only the grandmother is still alive, that's all, she is 86 years old and we only have her left. May God give him health!

I don't make sarmalute, I don't make them small as a nail, but big, I don't have the patience to bible them. From the composition made with 1 kg of meat, I take out about 70-80 sarmale. My mother still scolded me for this and laughed at me.

Mother, God forgive her, made them small, and grandmother, even smaller. My mother made 200 sarmales each, and my grandmother made them very small, about 300 & # 128578 When I was in Romania, I made the composition of sarmales and I took everything up to my mother, to wrap them for me. I would do my homework and then I would go and get the stuffed from my mother, then I would boil them.

From now on, there is no one on the 2nd floor, so I'll make sarmale as big as a palm & # 128577 Offf!