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Hasselblad Makes Their H5D-50c Camera Obsolete With New $27K Wi-Fi Enabled Version Coming Soon

Hasselblad Makes Their H5D-50c Camera Obsolete With New $27K Wi-Fi Enabled Version Coming Soon

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Sweden-based Hasselblad is a pretty popular camera brand—a Hasselblad 500 was even the camera of choice for the 1971 Apollo 15 moon landing—so people are obviously going to pay attention to their new product offerings. Earlier in the year the company launched their new H5D-50c CMOS camera, which promised photographers that they would get unparalleled photos no matter the lighting conditions, and now they've announced a new version of that camera with a Wi-Fi module.

The updated H5D-50c allows you to connect the Hasselblad Phocus Mobile software on your iPhone or iPad directly to the camera, which lets you control everything without needing a computer. While the Wi-Fi version has everything the now-outdated camera has, Hasselblad also added a few new tricks to the gadget:

  • Live View: See a live image on the rear LCD even when the camera is untethered.
  • Capture rate: The capture rate now enables 50 captures per minute.
  • Longest exposure time: The longest shutter speed is now 34 minutes with no extra black exposure necessary.
  • Film: Now you can use film magazines on the H5D-50c.
  • Spirit level: Employ the built-in electronic spirit level even in tethered mode.
  • Display modes: Select different display modes even when the camera is tethered.
  • ISO and White Balance: Settings now available on viewfinder display.

The H5D-50c with Wi-Fi is slated for a November release and will carry a €21,400 price tag (around $27,495 USD). If you already bought the older version, don't worry, because Hasselblad will be offering a €500 ($643 USD) upgrade opportunity to existing owners between January and March 2015.